Owning a home comes with many responsibilities. From keeping up with repairs and maintenance to ensuring your property is safe and secure, there’s always something to do. Fortunately, there are also several handy tools at your disposal to make completing projects a lot easier. Here are five tools every homeowner should have in their toolbox.


While every home is different, there are some tools that are essential for every household. A hammer, for example, is a versatile tool that you’ll use for many tasks, from driving nails into wood to pulling up boards or tiles. Every homeowner should have at least one hammer for projects around the home.

When purchasing a hammer, look for one with a sturdy handle and a solid, heavy hammer head. A claw is also helpful for pulling nails and removing boards. With this tool in your toolbox, you’ll be able to tackle many repair and maintenance tasks around the house.


Another must-have for every homeowner is a screwdriver. These handy tools are essential for many tasks, from tightening screws to removing hardware. Homeowners should have both Phillips head and flathead screwdrivers on hand and various sizes to accommodate different screws.

Look for screwdrivers with comfortable handles and durable tips. A set of screwdrivers with interchangeable heads is also handy to have on hand, so you always have the bit you need for the job.


Pliers are another tool every homeowner should have on hand for various tasks, from gripping and twisting wire to cutting and bending metal. Stock your toolbox with both needle nose and slip joint pliers.

When purchasing pliers, look for those with comfortable handles and durable jaws. A set of small pliers will work for most jobs, but you will also want a more extensive set for plumbing and other significant tasks.


Every homeowner should also have a saw. Whether you need to cut through wood, metal, or plastic, a saw is essential for various tasks. Homeowners should invest in a hacksaw with several blades and a carpenter’s or wood saw.

When purchasing a saw, look for one with a comfortable handle and a durable blade designed for the type of material you need to cut.


A drill is another essential tool for every homeowner. Whether you need to drill holes for screws or nails or drill through wood, metal, or plastic, a drill will handle a wide variety of tasks. Pick up a battery-powered cordless drill so you aren’t tethered to an outlet when you work.

When purchasing a drill, look for one with a decent battery from a reputable brand. A set of bits for drilling holes and another for driving screws will ensure you’re ready for any project.

With these five tools every homeowner should have, you’ll be prepared to tackle a number of repair and maintenance tasks around the house. These helpful tools will help you get the job done right, from hanging pictures to fixing a leaky faucet.

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