If your home’s structure is suffering due to roof damage, then a full roof replacement is necessary. Read more about the signs of major roofing deficiencies so you can prevent structural damage to your home.

How to Know When a Roof Replacement Is in Order

The roofing system is one of the most critical components since it protects your home’s structure. A roof in poor condition can cause many issues, as defective roofing materials often result in damage to other areas of the home.

The Roof Is Leaking

Not all leaks necessitate a roof replacement, but they are a sign of damage that must be addressed as soon as possible. If water is coming in from above, pinpoint the location of the leak and determine the severity of the issue.

It may be difficult to find precisely where a leak is occurring, as the shingles tend to blend and mask the visible signs of damage. You may need to consult a roofing professional to help identify the source.

Just because you can’t see the water coming into your home, doesn’t mean that it isn’t. Be on the lookout for other signs of moisture damage, such as unexplained discoloration on the walls and ceiling.

The Roofing System Hasn’t Been Replaced in Many Years

A roof replacement may be in order if you haven’t had the roof replaced in quite a while. The lifespan of roofs with standard asphalt shingles is 15-20 years. It’s better to replace an old roof before it begins failing and causes damage to your home.

If you don’t know the last time the roof was replaced, consult a roofing professional. They can give you an estimate on the remaining lifespan of your roof and the cost to replace it.

Missing or Damaged Shingles Point to a Possible Roof Replacement

Missing and damaged shingles are a common culprit of leaks. While a professional’s insights and skilled labor are necessary for a roof replacement, you can easily see for yourself whether or not the shingles are an issue. Look for gaps where shingles have broken off and take note of curling along the edges. Share this information with a roofing professional to determine if a small-scale repair will suffice or a new roof is needed.

There Is Obvious Give to the Roof’s Structure

When you’re walking on the roof, and something doesn’t feel right, be careful and take note. A roofing system should feel solid and stable, and if any part of the roof dips down or feels springy, then it’s likely that the underlying roof decking has become damaged by moisture. This is a safety issue and you should start planning to invest in a roof replacement sometime soon.

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