When selling your home, expect the buyer to schedule a home inspection before closing. Everything can be going well with your sale, but if the home inspection details major problems, the deal could fall apart. Even if there aren’t serious issues found, the home inspection may give a good idea of how well you’ve maintained the house. Here are 6 ways to prepare for a home inspection to help it go smoothly.

Make All Areas Accessible to Prepare for a Home Inspection

If the inspector can’t access a certain area, like a locked utility room or attic, it won’t be inspected. This will be unsettling to your buyer and it may raise questions about whether there’s something to hide.

It may also slow down the process because the buyer might request a second inspection to revisit these areas. Inspectors won’t move furniture and heavy items out of the way, so make sure that every place in the home is unobstructed and unlocked.

Replace Dead Lightbulbs

Inspectors don’t carry around extra light bulbs. A light that doesn’t turn on will be noted in the report, but there won’t be a way to tell if the problem is a dead bulb or an issue with the electrical wiring or fixture. Eliminate this potential problem by checking all lights and replacing any burned-out bulbs before the inspection.

Prepare for a Home Inspection by Replacing Dead Smoke Detector Batteries

The inspector will test the home’s smoke detectors to make sure they are operational. Like light bulbs, the inspector doesn’t have spare batteries on hand. Change all the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors so there aren’t any questions.

Fix Minor Cosmetic Issues

A home inspection notes everything, from major issues like a failing roof to minor flaws like peeling paint, loose cabinet handles, or missing outlet covers. Minor issues are easy to fix on your own. Doing so before the inspection will keep those items off of the buyer’s inspection report.

Make a Plan for Pets

You won’t be at your buyer’s inspection and neither should your pets. Your pets could get in the way of the inspection or run out the door without you home. Bring your animals with you or take them to a boarding facility for the day.

Order a Pre-Listing Inspection

One of the best ways to prepare for your buyer’s inspection is by ordering your own inspection before you even list the home for sale. Sellers who have a pre-listing inspection generally have an easier time selling their homes because there are no surprises in the process. You know the condition of your home, so you can make repairs on your terms and price it accordingly, which often helps it sell more quickly.

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