Importance of Appliance Life Expectancy

The appliances in our home make daily chores easier and are expensive to replace. If you’re unsure about whether it’s time to make a purchase, read on to learn about the lifespans of household appliances so that you’ll know when a replacement is likely.


The average gas range will last for about 15 years. Electric ranges have a shorter life expectancy of about 13 years. Stoves go through a lot of wear and tear because they are often used daily. Help extend the lifespan of your stove by cleaning it regularly.

Lifespans of Household Appliances: Refrigerator

A refrigerator should last 13 to 15 years, depending on the quality of the appliance. Additional features like ice makers or water dispensers may not last as long but are often easy to repair or replace.

While it’s not likely that your refrigerator will suddenly stop working, you may find that it’s not as efficient as it was when you first bought it. The newer models use up to 20 percent less energy than refrigerators that are only a decade old, so expect to see a lower utility bill with a new refrigerator.

Stand Alone Freezers Have Longer Lifespans Compared to Other Household Appliances

Having an extra freezer in the home provides much-needed storage space if you like to stock up on food. Whether you have an upright freezer or a chest model, they both have a life expectancy of about 15 to 20 years. For a longer-lasting freezer, purchase a unit with an automatic defrosting cycle. Otherwise, make sure to defrost your unit annually to help it run efficiently.


You can save a lot of time with a dishwasher in your kitchen. On average, you’ll need to replace a dishwasher after about 9 or 10 years. Newer dishwashers use less water and energy. Increase the life expectancy of your dishwasher by cleaning the filter, keeping the jets clear, and running a weekly cleaning cycle.

When something goes wrong with an appliance, call a professional repair person to troubleshoot the problem. It may be a simple fix. However, if you find that more and more problems are occurring and your appliance is older, it is probably time to invest in something new. Knowing the lifespan of your appliance will help you plan and budget for its replacement.

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