Backyard fires are cozy on cool, fall evenings and they provide a comfortable space to gather outside with friends and family. However, it is important to pay attention to fire pit safety.

Fire Pit Safety Tips

Generally, there are a few rules you should follow when building and using a fire pit. By paying attention to these guidelines, you’ll help prevent incidents and injuries while you stay comfortable and warm around the fire.

Install the Fire Pit in an Open Area

Don’t build a fire beneath overhanging branches, awnings, patio umbrellas, or other coverings. Instead, install your fire pit out in the open and at least 10-15 feet away from all structures. This will help prevent wayward sparks from setting fire to flammable items.

Place Your Fire Pit on Level Ground

A fire pit should be stable and securely placed on a level surface to keep it from tipping and logs from tumbling out of the fire. For safety, cover the ground around the fire with sand, brick, gravel, pavers, or other non-combustible material. This way, if sparks do escape, they won’t start a fire on grass or leaves in the immediate area.

Check the Forecast

While it may be tempting to build a fire to stay warm on a cold and windy day, this can be very dangerous. The wind might carry a spark to bushes, shrubs, and structures well away from your fire pit. Strong winds fan the flames and, before you know it, there could be a fire spreading on and beyond your property.

Extinguish the Fire Completely

Fire safety should be observed until the last ember is extinguished. Take care to put the fire out completely when you are leaving the area for the evening. If you purchased a pre-made fire pit, read the manufacturer’s instructions about how to correctly extinguish the flame before using the structure.

Always keep a fire extinguisher, a bucket of sand, the garden hose, and a fire blanket nearby when enjoying a fire. This way you will have the right tools on hand should the fire get out of control. Learn how to use a fire extinguisher and teach other adults in the house how to operate these devices.

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