When you have found a home and made an offer, it’s time for a home inspection. The inspection will provide an accurate and thorough report on the condition of the property. You’ll learn about defects, repairs that need to be made, and safety issues. Because a home is a big investment, you’ll want all the information you can get about the property. Home inspectors are using modern technology to gain more information about a house. Let’s look at some of the ways aerial drones in home inspections are used.

Identify Roofing Concerns

A home inspector who uses a drone will have a more complete view of the roof and its architectural features. Without a drone, the inspector will visually check the roof by walking the parts that are safe to access. Drones allow the inspector to see all of the valleys and peaks of the roofline. A sound roof is important and roofing problems can be expensive to repair. Photographs from a drone show close up view of this part of the home.

The Chimney can be Examined with Drones in Home Inspections

A home inspector who uses a drone can check the chimney’s exterior appearance. Chimneys can crack and leak. They need flashing, which is a thin strip of metal, between the roofing material and bricks. Flashings can rust or break free. The mortar holding the bricks in place can last for decades but can wear down over time just like the other roofing components. The drone takes high-resolution photos or videos of the chimney so you can better know its condition.

Observe Trees

Trees add beauty and shade to any property, but they must be well-maintained. Tree branches hanging over roofs or brushing against siding can cause damage and are a fire hazard in high-risk zones. A home inspector who uses a drone will document limbs that are dangerously close to any structure.

Fencing and Gates

If you are purchasing land that is fenced, a home inspector can follow the fence-line and get aerial footage of the property using a drone. With this information, you’ll know if there are sections that are in need of repair while also getting a great overview of your property.

Drones in Home Inspections can Photograph the Landscape

It is hard to see the details of a large lawn or acreage, but a drone can give you an aerial view of the landscaping. The inspector may spot outbuildings or sheds that you did not know were on the property, patches of unhealthy or dead grass, and standing water.

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