If you purchased a newly constructed home, it likely came with a builder’s warranty. Most builders’ warranties offer coverage on specific components for one year, so it’s essential to order an inspection before your warranty period expires. You’ll learn about the condition of your home and can file a claim with the builder if necessary. Here are a few things to know about an 11th-month warranty inspection.

Purpose of an 11th-Month Warranty Inspection

This inspection identifies any problems that developed in the first year so you can file a claim with the builder before they become significant issues. During this process, minor and major defects will be noted, including structural damage, electrical work, plumbing systems, and general wear and tear. You’ll have the information you need to file a claim and make repairs before the builder’s warranty expires.

What is Covered in 11th-Month Inspection?

An 11th-month inspection is a detailed, comprehensive assessment of the condition of a home before the end of its first year. This type of inspection covers all major components of the property, including structural integrity, plumbing systems, electrical wiring and outlets, HVAC systems, fire safety equipment, and appliances.

The inspector will check for signs of water damage or mold caused by inadequate ventilation or moisture conditions within the house. Any visible deficiencies or defects will be noted in their report, along with recommendations on how best to resolve them. Additionally, your inspector may recommend repairs by experienced contractors such as a plumber or electrician if needed.

Benefits of 11th-Month Inspection

An 11th-month warranty inspection is a great way to gain peace of mind about your new home purchase. The inspection will identify problems early before they become serious, saving you time and money. The inspector will assess the property throughout and provide a comprehensive report so repairs can be made while the house is still under warranty. You’ll keep your new home in excellent condition and be confident that you’ve made a smart investment.

Prepare for a Future Sale

If you’ve just purchased a house, you’re probably not planning to sell it soon. However, the day may come when you need to relocate for a job or want a larger home for your growing family. Your buyer will order an inspection, and any problems found will be your responsibility. When selling the house, you’ll likely have to make any repairs before listing – even those related to the property’s original construction. An 11th-month warranty inspection will find problems and safety concerns so you can have repairs made at the builder’s expense.

An 11th-month warranty inspection is vital to ensure that your newly built home is in excellent condition at the end of its first year. This inspection takes place in the 11th month of homeownership before the one-year warranty ends. Hire a professional home inspector who can identify and document needed repairs and maintenance issues before your warranty expires.

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